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groupdel command is used to delete a existing group. It will delete all entry that refers to the group, modifies the system account files, and it is handled by superuser or root user.

~# groupdel --help
Usage: groupdel [options] GROUP

  -h, --help                    display this help message and exit
  -R, --root CHROOT_DIR         directory to chroot into
  -P, --prefix PREFIX_DIR       prefix directory where are located the /etc/* files
  -f, --force                   delete group even if it is the primary group of a user
      --extrausers              Use the extra users database
  • /etc/group : It contains the account information of the Group.
  • /etc/gshadow : It contains the secure group account information.

Using groupdel with options:

1. -f, –force: It used to delete a group even if it is the primary group of a user.

2. -h, –help: It displays the help message and exit.

3. -R, –root: It apply the changes in the CHROOT_DIR directory. Also, it uses the configuration files from the CHROOT_DIR directory.

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