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  • DAO – Data Access Object it will do data persistence operations. It will interact RDBMS machines, interact with XML files, interact with LDAP machines, interact with NoSQL machines.
  • The main aim of DAO is data access operation.
  • * In DAO we use Interface implementation pattern. So in future if we want to change DB then it is easy to do.
  • * Below are the implementations provider and implementations for connection pool.
    • Sun -> DataSource (I)
    • Apache -> BasicDataSource (C)
    • Mchange c3p0 -> ComboPooledDataSource (C)
    • Spring -> DriverManagerDataSource (C)
    • WebLogic -> WebLogic Data Source
  • For small enterprice application if you want to use connection pool then ComboPooledDataSource and BasicDataSource is recommended.

  1. Spring – Difference between JDBC and Spring JDBC
  2. Spring – Data Source and Connection Pool

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